Hot sale Factory Maca Extract for Slovenia Factory

Hot sale Factory Maca Extract for Slovenia Factory

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A. Basic Product Information 【 Product Name 】 Maca extract 【 English Name 】 Maca extract 【 Plant Sources 】 Cruciferous Lepidium plant 【Effective Components】 Glucosinolate /Total amino acid/Protein 【 Specification 】 Crude protein≥10%,Total amino acid≥4% Glucosinolate ≥1.5%;Customized supported 【 Extract Solvents 】 Water B. Main Function a) Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, enhance vitali...

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Hot sale Factory Maca Extract for Slovenia Factory Detail:

A. Basic Product Information

 Product Name

Maca extract

 English Name

Maca extract

 Plant Sources

Cruciferous Lepidium plant

Effective Components

Glucosinolate /Total amino acid/Protein


Crude protein≥10%Total amino acid≥4%

Glucosinolate ≥1.5%Customized supported

 Extract Solvents


B. Main Function

a) Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, enhance vitality, improve sleep quality

b) Activate the bodily functions, improve fertility; Strong immune system, improve the sub-health state;

c) Regulate the endocrine system, balance hormones, helps to fight against female menopausal syndrome.

C. MC.png
Critical To Quality

Ø Raw material origin control

Ø Total amino acid

Ø Glucosinolate

D. Quality Control & Product Advantage

High quality raw material;                    

Quality assurance and control system: Prevention management by executing documented procedures strictly aims to guarantee the quality.

Technological advantageShare Professional product identification technical information;

Whole process low-temperature production technology.

E. Specification

Effective components content 

Maca extract

Specification 1

Specification 2

Crode protein



Total amino acid



Benzyl glucosinolate





Test Method

Sensory Index


White powder.Tastes bitter, sour and astringent

Sense organ



Comply with the standard



Comply with the standard



Crude protein


GB/T 5009.5

Total amino acid


GB/T 5009.124


Loss on drying%

NMT 5.0


Residue on ignition%

NMT 5.0


Heavy metals

Copper (Cu)

≤20.0 ppm


Lead (Pb)

≤3.0 ppm


Cadmium (Cd)

≤0.3 ppm


Mercury (Hg)

≤0.2 ppm


Arsenic (Pb)

≤2.0 ppm


Solvent residue







Microbiological index

Total aerobic bacteria, cfu / g

NMT 1000


Mold & yeast, cfu / g

NMT 100


Escherichia coli, / 10g



Salmonella, / 10g



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    Golden Spice Turmeric Is the Ultimate Weight Loss Food

    Vanity in the Western world doesn’t seem to be enough to keep obesity in check…

    One third of all U.S. adults are obese, and 69% of all Americans are either overweight or obese. 

    Obesity is almost inevitable: with the notoriously health-sapping American diet, ever-present environmental toxins, and sedentary lifestyle practices no wonder so many are overweight!

    This incredibly healing golden spice has begun to weigh in on the subject (no pun intended), and studies show that Turmeric can 
    be hugely helpful to anyone trying to lose weight.

    Here’s how this incredible little root works its magic…

    Turning “bad” fats into “good” fats. Researchers have known 
    for some time that our bodies contain two kinds of fat: brown fat, which expends excess energy through heat generation (and doesn’t cause weight gain), and white fat, which is the notorious kind that leads to obesity through fat storage. [1]

    It turns out that curcumin actually turns white fat into brown fat 
    by enhancing the expression of brown fat genes. Welcome to the science of nutrigenomics, where the nutrients you consume can positively alter the ways that your genes express themselves. 

    We’ve come a long way since crunches and calorie restriction were your only options for weight loss.

    Metabolism boosting. The metabolism—which can be thought 
    of as the body’s “fat-burning furnace”—is often imbalanced and sluggish in those who are overweight or obese. This dysfunction makes weight loss even more difficult, as much more work is needed to burn the same quantity of fat. [2]

    Turmeric breaks this cycle by drastically increasing the activity of 
    a metabolism-balancing protein called AMP-activated protein kinase, which increases the rate at which fat can be burned.  

    Fat cell destruction. Curcumin even causes apoptosis, or “programmed cell death,” in white fat cells, thus improving the 
    ratio between brown fat and white fat. And the more brown fat 
    you have, the more easily your body is able to burn more white 
    fat through thermogenesis (which is induced by brown fat).

    “Hacking” weight loss

    For all of these reasons, consuming turmeric is a sort of biohack 
    for weight loss. It not only breaks the cycle of sluggish metabolism, but also directly improves your body’s fat-burning abilities by increasing levels of brown fat. 

    So give turmeric a try—while optimizing your weight, you’ll also be boosting your immune system, improving cognitive function, and warding off over 600 different diseases.

    But not all forms of turmeric are created equal…

    Turmeric powder has a fairly low bioavailability (meaning that 
    a good portion of it isn’t properly absorbed by your body).

    Because turmeric is hard to absorb, it must be formulated in a certain way allowing the body to absorb and utilize its entire spectrum of nutrients.

    Otherwise it is useless…

    PuraTHRIVE Organic Turmeric Extract is an outstanding full-spectrum extract that’s liposomalized—meaning it’s 
    specifically blended to make the turmeric bind to phosphlipids 
    (healthy fats) that increase its bioavailability 10 to 20 times! 

    This formulation takes all that raw turmeric has to offer 
    and presents it in a format that your body LOVES to consume.

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