Production line



Rotocel extractor and loop type extractor are suitable for extracting Ginkgo Biloba Leaves, Ginseng Leaves, White Paeony Root and some other staple products.
Multifunction extractor is suitable for extracting alcohol extractor and water extractor.
Enamel reaction still is suitable for extracting Araliaceae.

Single and double effect outer circulation is suitable for concentrating alcohol extractor and water extractor.
Scraper concentrator and spherical concentrator are suitable for concentrating the products that contain heat-sensitive components and other products which should be posted concentrating.


Staple products are applicable for spray drying.
Water-insoluble products are applicable for vacuum drying.
Solubility products are applicable for microwave drying.

Smashing and mixing

Multifunctional grinder
One-dimensional mixer, One-dimensional mixer, V-mixer

Public system

In according to the requirements of GMP file, our company has made great efforts to build and improve public system to insure of normal operation. Three public systems 1、Air condition system 2、Sewage disposal system 3、Purified water system
The factory processes 5000 tons of raw materials and produces 1000 tons of finished extracts per year which are wildly used in health care products, dietary supplement and medicine fields.

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